Healthy Soil Is Happy Soil

By: Julia Holup, Assistant Manager We’re finding lots of earthworms in our small hoop house today as we turn over the soil and prepare to seed. They may be small, but earthworms deliver huge benefits to the soil, improving nutrient availability, drainage, soil structure, and productivity. Ever wonder how you prepare beds in tight spaces? […]

measuring, re-measuring

The sun is out today, and the winter rye we seeded in early November is still trying to grow!  I just walked the perimeter of our fields again, double-checking my measurements. Now that I’m actually sitting down to calculate how many seeds to order, I need to know how much cultivated bed space we’ll have […]

april 18 field report

Exciting day here – we got a tractor!   Elsewhere on the farm . . . tomato seedlings in the cold frame are getting bigger, and the greenhouse is filling up with seed trays of kale, chard, lettuce, bok choi, scallions, onions and leeks.  nice and warm inside the cold frame Out in the field, we’ve […]

this week in the greenhouse

Onions are up and growing. Parsley seedlings are just starting to pop up. Cherry tomatoes and eggplant are germinating. Still waiting for the peppers to show signs of life. I’ve given them the warmest spot available (on heat mats inside the house) but they are taking their time. I don’t blame them, given all the […]

seeds have arrived!

Boxes from seed companies have been showing up on my doorstep this week. Opening them up is almost as good as getting a care package at summer camp! Heirloom and open-pollinated varieties are becoming a bigger percentage of my seed list each year, as I gradually seek out heirlooms that have the characteristics I’m looking […]