we’re taking orders for seedlings!

This Spring we are offering organic seedlings for your vegetable garden20 varieties of tomatoes, plus peppers, eggplant, and culinary herbs. To see our full list of seedling varieties and downloadable order form, click here.  The deadline for pre-orders is May 10th. Plants will be ready for pick-up at the farm in late May.  Get your orders in soon to ensure that we have the varieties you’re looking for!

We are especially excited to be offering a few Italian heirloom tomato varieties that are traditionally used for drying. We are growing these from seed brought back from Italy by our friend Debra. These tomatoes can be sun-dried, dehydrated, or hung to dry on the plants at the end of the season. They bear small, relative low-moisture fruit, which makes them particularly suitable for drying. They can also be eaten fresh! Here are the three we’re offering as seedlings this year:  Principe Borghese (small red plum), Inverno a Grappoli (“winter grape”), and a yellow variety from Puglia called Ponderosa sel Oro.

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