seeds sprouting, snow melting!

Greenhouse work has begun. This week I’m sowing onion seeds. To save space in the greenhouse, I like to sow about 400 seeds per flat, in a rich, compost-based potting soil made by the nice people at Ideal Compost.

Onions grow slowly at first, but it won’t be long before there are thousands of sturdy little seedlings ready to plant out in the fields. With so much snow still on the ground, the warm days of May seem like ages away, but according to the greenhouse planting calendar, it won’t be long!  From now on, I’ll be following a schedule of weekly greenhouse sowings, timed (hopefully) so that each batch of seedlings will be ready for planting when the outdoor conditions are right. Slow-growing, cold-tolerant onions and leeks are always first on my sowing list. Next will be peppers, parsley and scallions, soon to be followed by tomatoes.

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