July 6 field report

Current weather conditions on the farm: 100 degrees with increasing humidity. The soil is bone dry, and actually hot to the touch (too hot for bare feet). I’m inside drinking electrolytes, thinking about going back outside to set up more drip irrigation lines. I’ve been watering pretty much non-stop for the last four days, hoping […]

June 1 field report

Rows of green things (other than grass) are starting to become more visible out in the field.  The onions are starting to look like more than just skinny blades of grass, and long rows of dark green potato shoots are finally poking through the crusty surface of the soil.  The baby greens are almost ready […]


Today’s hot weather got me thinking about summer foods I love – like cilantro, cucumbers, BLTs, panzanella, chard pie, pesto, and rhubarb spritzers. So I planted A LOT of cilantro today – and also dill, arugula, mustard greens, beets, and a few other things. I think my cucumber plants doubled in size since this morning. […]

voila! we have a cold frame

Get tough little onions!  You’re staying outside from now on!  This cold frame was made just for you. The window frames came from an old nursery business (thanks to craigslist). The people I bought them from called them “hot bed” frames, as in “cold frames” heated with fresh manure. No added heat here – just […]

seedling shuffle

Onions have sprouted! The onion seed flats were lucky to spend a few warm-ish days outdoors in the sunshine, but right now they are back inside the house, waiting for this rain to go away.  Pretty soon the seedling bench in my office with the toasty-warm heating mat is going to be full of baby […]

choosing heirlooms

Heirloom and open-pollinated seeds made up the bulk of my seed orders this year – including quite a few varieties I haven’t tried before. ‘Sullivan’s Favorite Italian Frying’ Pepper, ‘Lutz Green Leaf’ Beet, ‘Uncle David’s Dakota Dessert’ Squash, ‘Cosmonaut Volkov’ Tomato . . . .I couldn’t resist trying some of these! Stout Oak Farm has […]

farm math

I was okay at math in school, but I didn’t love it. I always assumed I would choose a job that didn’t require much number crunching. I was definitely wrong. I just finished my crop plan for the year and ordered my seeds – a process which always requires a fair amount of math. How […]