Meet the team: Jeff

JeffJeff grew up in East Kingston, and after serving briefly in the Army, getting his degree from UNH, and teaching for a year in France, he landed back in New Hampshire.  His interest in farming started with an interest in eating ethical and healthful food and led him to meeting his future wife at the Exeter Farmers’ Market.  His early preference for Bibb lettuce has long since been replaced by a deep love for arugula.

Since meeting Kate, he has progressed from spending Friday evenings helping her pack up for the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market to planting a mini-orchard, learning how to plow and harrow, keeping pastured chickens for a few years, and saving seeds from native perennial flowers.

Most of Jeff’s time on the farm is spent puttering about working on small building projects and land stewardship, doing tractor work, and stacking firewood.  Though if he’s hungry enough you may see him doing some harvesting for dinner.

Jeff loves eating roasted root vegetables all winter long and baking with the farm’s own blueberries, peaches, and rhubarb.  He wishes that Kate would write down some of her improvisational dishes so that we could have them again.