Tomato Tasting 2021

Stout Oak Farm Tomato Tasting 2021

We love tomatoes! We love growing them, eating them, and we love talking about growing them and eating them. We are passionate about flavor, quality, and growing Organically.

Each year, we grow both tried and true varieties and many many many trials of varieties we are considering.  We grow smaller numbers of each trial variety, and pay careful attention to every attribute throughout the season. A tomato has to perform very well for us, growing in all the weather, but most importantly, it needs to have an amazing taste. Our annual Tomato Tasting is a chance for everyone to weigh in on the trials as well as voice your love for your favorites.

We had been hoping to have this event in person this year, but we’re having to adapt to the current circumstances.  We’re hoping you’ll join in the fun of this iteration – taste tomatoes, vote early and often, and share your tomato tasting experiences with us — we’d love to see your photos and videos online. Please tag us @stoutoakfarm and use the hashtag #stoutoaktomatotasting

We’ll be updating this post often throughout the Tomato Tasting!

Come back for updates and to see the voting results.

1. Come to the farm and get your tomatoes.

Over the next several weeks, come to our Farm Store and select the tomatoes you would like to taste. You can use the images below as a key, and our Farm Store crew will help you choose varieties.

Come back as often as you like to try different varieties of slicing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and paste tomatoes. The next two weeks are peak tomato time! Since tomatoes are living things that respond to weather conditions, we can’t promise particular varieties on particular days, but we will do our best to have a wide selection every day.

Our Farm Store is open Tuesdays – Fridays 2-6 and Saturdays 9-4.

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Please wear your mask; bring your own bags!

Slicer tomato key - different tomatoes with their labels

Picture of different varieties of cherry tomatoes labeled with the variety name


While you’re here, take a short self-guided tour of our tomato houses.

The tour is available August 24 – 28,
during Farm Store hours: Tuesday – Friday 2-6pm, Saturdays 9-4. 

We’ll have a short self-guided tour set up if you’d like to see how we grow tomatoes in our hoophouses. We currently have tomatoes in three unheated houses, and you’ll get to see our system of pruning and trellising that helps us grow lots of beautiful tomatoes.

2. Taste them!

Hold your own tomato tasting or taste them a few at a time. It’s up to you how you want to taste your tomatoes. You could simply snack and make notes, or you could make it an event with friends or family.

photo of two crew members setting up the tomato tasting - lots of labeled tomatoes

At our Farm Crew tomato tasting, we had blind taste tests, took notes on our favorites by name, and held a versus between the various yellow tomatoes. We gathered a lot of tomatoes, paper plates and napkins, pencils and paper for note taking, and dove in. We invited everyone to bring snacks to the tasting, and we had a small potluck spread of bread, feta cheese, mozzerella cheese, pickles, pepper jelly, greens, zucchini bread, and pretzels to snack on.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see video clips from our tomato tasting; we’ll be sharing clips and photos over the next few weeks.

We’d love to see your tomato tasting! Tag us @stoutoakfarm and use the hashtag #stoutoaktomatotasting


3. Vote

image of tomatoes with text that reads favorite

Follow this link to vote.

We welcome every household member to weigh in on their favorites. If you are tasting your tomatoes over time, it’s ok to fill out the voting form multiple times for different tomatoes. Don’t have an answer for a particular question? Just skip it!

Once you submit, you’ll be able to see all of the results that have come in so far!