Meet the Team: Michelle


Hello, I’m Michelle. I’m a part time field assistant here at Stout Oak Farm. This is my second season working here and I absolutely love it! I love getting dirty and working hard, but I also love being a part of the food system and growing healthy organic food for the community.

I’m also a Nutritionist. I graduated with honors from the University of Bridgeport, CT with a Masters in Human Nutrition. I’m currently interning with an amazing team of nutritionists to complete the required supervised hours needed to qualify for the CNS credential. After completing graduate school I moved to Maine to be closer to family and start my nutrition practice, Root to Nutrition. I work with all types of clients in a one-to-one setting, advising and guiding you towards optimal health through the use of food. My philosophy is an integrative approach using a functional point of view. Meaning, I look at the big picture, including everything from diet & exercise to sleep and stress, and utilize whole body techniques in addition to diet recommendations.

I have a strong desire to work with families and young children, helping them find the joy I found in healthy food. I believe that encouraging children at a young age to engage in growing, preparing, and exploring new foods is key to starting them off with healthy choices. We all want to do what’s best for our bodies and our families; I’m here to help, to guide and support you in your journey with food.

With a love of farming, living a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying good quality food, I’ve meshed all of my passions into a career I can’t wait to share with you. Feel free to contact me at to find out more about personalized nutrition. Or stop by the farm store, I’d love to connect with you.