Images from 2021: a Sherri appreciation post

In early spring of 2021, we had the astounding good fortune to have Sherri Nixon join our volunteer crew as our resident photographer. Several times a week, every week, all season long, Sherri photographed our work.


 She took care to curate, crop, to ask us what we needed for photos (aiding us in the never ending efforts to connect with our community around the food we grow), all the while adapting to the always changing conditions and light. 

It’s a profound thing, to look through this collection of hundreds of photos from just this year, and to see what felt like a whirl of weeks and crops resolve back into the details of lettuce leaves, smiles, serious faces, and totes overflowing with food.

Sherri caught so much with her thoughtful gaze, including so many very gorgeous photos that highlight the natural beauty and details of this work. Here are some of our favorites that we hadn’t yet had the chance to share. 




white tendrils of seeds



Peas emerging and growing








photo of black plastic plant trays












Thank you Sherri, for including us among the many organizations and groups in our community who have benefited from your volunteer work. But very much more than that, we are so very grateful we get to have such a friend.