Meet the Team: Sara Zoe

Sara Zoe joined the Stout Oak Farm Crew in the fall of 2020, after 18 years of being a school librarian. She has a long interest and history working in local food and supporting farmers. Before helping to found Seacoast Eat Local (along with Kate and Jeff) in 2006, she farmed at diverse farms in Georgia, Minnesota, and New York, and spent many summers volunteering on Seacoast area farms. 

Sara Zoe is the Farm Store Manager. She’s the point person on our communication with customers, so you’ve probably gotten emails from her. She also helps with marketing and other administrative tasks. She really enjoy Harvesting each morning, “the food is so beautiful, fresh, and delicious.”

“Farming is where my passions come together – I’m an Environmentalist, and I love great food. I love being outdoors in all weather, growing healthy food for community, taking care of the planet, and making sure all the people involved get treated with respect. I want to spend the bulk of my days working toward positive environmental ends in total contrast to the terrible impacts industrial agriculture has had on the earth and so many of the people who farm for a living.”


Napa Cabbage Club Logo



 “I am the founder of the Napa Cabbage Club.” 


“I cook with a Marco Polo philosophy – spicing up my local fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy, and grains. I love intense flavors and cuisines, especially the cuisines of Mexico, Cuba, Korea, India, and Thailand. I enjoy being really nerdy about food, and read cookbooks cover to cover for inspiration, then cook by feel and taste with the vegetables I have on hand.”