Terrateck Test Drive

Mekala and Sara Zoë finished putting together the Terrateck Finger Weeder and took it for a test drive in the Little House, where we don’t have anything growing in the ground right now.

Mekala and the finger weeder

Right away we like some things – the forward movement is very smooth and doesn’t take a lot of effort. The rubber fingers and Preci-discs get very close to the plant – in a good way. The depth of the tools is very good, too. There is also a part of the Terrateck that you can’t really see here, because it is slicing away under the soil, outward from the Preci-discs, called the Lelievre blades.

One thing we’re realizing is that you need to be behind this tool to push it forward – you really can’t use it from the side of the bed. So, in order to use it we will have to walk in the bed, compressing the soil. This impacts which crops we’ll be able to use it on, and when. Mekala wants to try using it for carrots, young kale plants, and scallions to start.