Meet the Team: Kate

Kate is holding a carrotKate has been farming for 20 years, and was first was drawn to farming as a career while working on urban agriculture projects in New York City after college. She trained at the Farm and Garden apprenticeship program at the University of California at Santa Cruz and then worked on farms in California and Massachusetts before returning to New Hampshire, where she grew up.

In 2004 she became the lead farmer at Willow Pond Community Farm in Brentwood, and several years later started Stout Oak Farm on rented land in Epping.  In 2012, Kate and her husband Jeff purchased land in Brentwood, where Stout Oak Farm put down more permanent roots.

The thing she likes best about her role as Farm Manager is leading the morning harvest crew.  Every morning’s harvest is a small celebration! She also loves planting seeds into freshly prepared beds out into the field.

Kate chose farming as her profession because she sees growing food as a way to contribute something positive and nurturing to the community in a really direct way.  She loves the physical work of farming, and feels lucky to spend most of her waking hours outdoors.

Her favorite vegetable to grow and eat is kale! She loves improvisational cooking with whatever is in abundance, and views any meal that includes 8 or more different vegetables as a personal triumph!

Kate is Henry’s sidekick. Henry as a puppy