observations on a rainy day

kale in abundance!

We are staying out of our fields at the moment, hoping the rain lets up so the standing water in some of our fields can start to drain away. All in all, our crops have held up well to the soaking rains – so far anyway.  In fact, spring crops like peas, lettuce, and kale seem to thrive on these cool cloudy days.

winter squash ready for planting

The greenhouse is bursting with plants that are ready to be transplanted outdoors but it looks like they might have to wait a little longer, until the fields dry out a bit.

I’m getting organized today, calling chefs to get their weekly orders lined up, and preparing for CSA harvest which begins next week. We’re pleased to be kicking off the CSA season with some fantastic lettuce, and an array of other delicious spring greens.

This week, you can find us at the Exeter Farmers’ Market on Thursday, and the Epping Farmers’ Market on Friday.  We’ll also have salad greens, lettuce, and kale for sale at the farm this Saturday.