Meet the team: Sam

SamSam joined Stout Oak Farm as our Hoophouse Manager in 2021, taking the lead on the Hoop house tomatoes and peppers, as well as playing a really key Jane-of-all-skills role at the farm: in the Farm Store, Washing, Packing, in the Field, and Greenhouse, too!


“I planted my first seeds (French Breakfast Radishes!) in my first job out of college. Since then I’ve worked in OR, NY, NH and CO as an agricultural educator, field crew member and public school teacher. I finished up my masters degree in Horticulture and I’m ready to get back out into the field after a couple of years in the lab!”


“I love hiking and camping and can’t wait to re-explore the New England area after being away for so long!”


“I choose farming for the food, the community and getting the chance to work outside in the dirt. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with farmers from around the country and the world, and love that farming connects us all. There’s no greater feeling than watching something you’ve planted as a seed grow into food for your community. I’m especially excited to work at Stout Oak farm and be a part of a team that’s making such a great impact on our local food system, growing great tasting, high quality vegetables in a way that maintains the earth for future years.”


“I LOVE hakurei turnips and heirloom tomatoes- rotating between the two depending on the season!”


“I have yet to find a food I don’t like. During the season, my diet mainly consists of whatever vegetables I can cut up into a bowl. My cooking specialty is making a meal from a supposedly empty fridge, using every last bit of food!”