Meet the team: Mekala

Mekala seeding trays in the greenhouse

Mekala first caught the farming bug during her junior year in college while apprenticing on an organic family farm in the Berkshires. Since then, she has worked on several farms throughout Maine, MA, and NH.

This is her third season at Stout Oak Farm and she is excited for another year of working alongside strong women to bring the freshest, healthiest food to the Seacoast community. She’s the Field Manager and in that role you’ll see her heading up the transplant team, keeping an eye on the health of the plants, and taking care of the soil. On any given day she might: harvest and wash baby greens, set up fencing, move irrigation, solve pest mysteries, stake peas or tomatoes, mulch cucurbits, and admire the cutest little plants.

In her spare time you’ll find Mekala hiking, trail running, kayaking, and baking bread. She currently lives in Newmarket, NH with her partner.

For Mekala, farming is the ultimate connection between food, work, community, and how she wants to live. She loves that she can pick up a handful of soil and hold an entire unknown universe in the palm of her hand. There are more living organisms in a teaspoon of soil than there are people on Earth, she reminds us.  She loves the way plants grow quietly, whether or not anyone is watching. And she loves being outside and connecting with the land.

Her favorite farm jobs include transplanting seedlings in the morning, washing vibrant salad greens, pruning tomatoes, harvesting carrots, and late afternoon field walks.

Mekala often makes her lunch out of “farm food” (the veggies that are second quality that all the farmers eat). She loves to rescue weird carrots and overgrown cukes to craft giant microgreen salads! “Eat the fruits of your labor!”

She had never tried Yukina Savoy before working at Stout Oak, but is a convert! And her pride of 2020 was getting her partner to put micros on her quesadillas. “Micros on everything!”