CSA or Farm Store Credit member – which are you? Take our Quiz to find out!

By: Julia Holup, Assistant Farm Manager

At Stout Oak Farm, we market our vegetables to our community of customers in a variety of ways. We operate a Farm Store from mid-May through late October, attend the Exeter Farmers’ Market during the growing season, and take part in several Winter Farmers’ Markets in the colder months. We also supply local restaurants, institutions, and stores with fresh, organic produce in partnership with Three River Farmers Alliance.

One of the most popular ways people enjoy our produce is through our Weekly Vegetable CSA and Farm Store Credit program. With both options, customers commit to the farm at the beginning of the season, either by purchasing a full-season vegetable CSA share, or credit towards our Farm Store. Doing so supports the farm’s cash flow early in the season and allows us to better plan what and how much we should be growing in the months ahead. Both programs also prompt customers to visit the farm (either for social events, workshops, or simply to pick-up their weekly CSA share or shop at the Farm Store), deepening the connection between producer and consumer.

Love fresh, organic produce? Wish to support our farm, but unsure which option is right for you?

Take our quiz below to find out!

CSA or Farm Store Credit member – Which are YOU?

1) When it comes to your weekly food shopping habits, you most often: 

A)   Plan out your meals ahead of time, and limit your trips to the grocery store to one or two times per week.
B)   Have a rough idea of what you’ll be cooking for the week, but enjoy frequent trips to the store to buy what you need for a spur-of-the-moment recipe.

2)  You find yourself at a new restaurant faced with a menu of unfamiliar ingredients. How do you react?

A)  Your mind starts buzzing with curiosity about all the new textures and flavors you can try. You call the waiter over and eagerly ask him/her to explain more about the options.
B)  You feel a bit anxious looking over the long list of unknowns, and decide you’d feel more comfortable and better enjoy the evening at a restaurant with more familiar foods.

3) If you had the chance to be on a cooking show, you’d most likely choose:

A)  Iron Chef. Cooking with the show’s “secret ingredient” doesn’t scare you away. You like the challenge of creative cooking, using whatever ingredients you find in your pantry or refrigerator.
B)  The French Chef. Much like Julia Child, you enjoy the thrill of mastering the techniques and flavors of a set recipe, and searching out the perfect set of ingredients to bring it to life.

4)  Which of the following best describes the type of veggie-lover you are:   

A)  I enjoy a diverse mix of vegetables, from leafy greens (especially kale!), to tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash, and all the many types of root vegetables. I’ll always have my favorites, but I enjoy learning about new varieties of vegetables and tasty ways to prepare them.
B)  I love vegetables, but prefer to stick to my list of tried-and-true favorites and eat them in abundance. Occasionally I like to cook with something new, but for the most part, I know what I or my family likes best, and look forward to eating them each season.

5) In addition to the benefits of eating healthy, organic food, I am interested in buying directly from the farm and supporting local agriculture because: 

A)  I am eager to deepen my knowledge about and connection to food. I see the farm as a resource not only to supply me/my family with healthy, clean food, but also to challenge me to learn more about healthy cooking techniques, food preservation, and seasonality.
B)  I know that where I put my food dollars matter. I value high-quality food, choice, and convenience, and wish to spend my money where it will do the most good. I value community, and look forward to the chance to get to know the people who grow my food.


Mostly A’s:  Our weekly Vegetable CSA share is a fantastic fit for you! You’re an adventurous locavore who enjoys vegetables of all types and the challenge of cooking new varieties. A weekly vegetable pick-up works well with your approach to meal planning, and your values align with what it means to be a part of a CSA and a core supporter of local agriculture here at Stout Oak Farm. Sign-up or learn more about our CSA shares.

Mostly B’s: A Farm Store Credit share awaits! You’re a knowledgeable and dedicated cook always on the look-out for the freshest ingredients, but you are more interested in cooking with the vegetables you love rather than experimenting with unknown varieties. You are a strong believer in supporting local farms, but you enjoy being able to pick-up just want you need, right when you need it on the day that fits best for your calendar. Sign-up or learn more about our Farm Store Credit program.

In all ways A or B, thank you for supporting our farm!