CSA FAQ #1: What’s in a share?

We’re kicking off our 2015 CSA FAQ series with the question we get most frequently from new CSA members:  “What’s in a share?” or “How much food will we get?” 
  • Variety: A weekly CSA box contains 8 to 10 different seasonal organic vegetables.  
  • Quantity: A typical share fits into 2 canvas shopping bags or 2 paper grocery bags.
  • Value: CSA members receive at least $30 in vegetables per week on average, over the course of the 18-week season. For many families, one share meets their vegetable needs for the week.
Each week’s CSA box will look a little different, but these 4 shots of actual 2014 shares will give you an idea of what to expect.
  • Seasonality: CSA harvest begins in June, with plenty of greens and a
    few roots. Throughout the summer, we add in peas, more roots, onion
    family crops, and warm weather crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini,
    and peppers. As the weather cools again in the fall, we include
    potatoes, roots, squash, cabbage, and onions. Check our Harvest Calendar to see what’s in season throughout the year.  
  •  Quality: Our vegetables are super fresh, high quality, and organically grown right here on our farm. All of our crops are harvested, washed, bunched, and boxed by hand, specifically for your shares!

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