A Year on the Farm: Favorite Images from 2017

As we begin another growing season on the farm, we took a look back at the past year in pictures.  It’s a great way to remind ourselves how much we have to look forward to in the year ahead!


Pippin loves the snow!


Solar panels go up on the barn in January.


What do farmers do in the winter?


It may be winter, but we’re still harvesting greens!


Getting started in the greenhouse in March.


Signs of Spring!


Grow, arugula, grow! We snuck in an early greens crop before the hoophouse tomatoes.


An early batch of microgreens.


Carrots in May!


Amber in the greenhouse.  Apparently, we grow quite a few plants :)


Kate and Jen and hoophouse tomatoes.


Liz and the Escarole!


Sarah transplanting zucchini in early summer.


Kate getting seeds planted in the field.


Fancy new fridge for the Farm Store!


Field tomatoes, lovingly mulched straw.


First cucumbers of the season.



Jeff’s first crop of peaches!


Getting the samples organized for the annual Tomato Tasting


Cherry Tomato “Flights” at the Tomato Tasting


Time to put up some food!



Yeah, we really love to grow greens.


Our tractors, Lucy and Larry.


Hoophouse tomatoes reaching their full potential


Cabbage at the top of the hill.


We had our best year ever at the Exeter Farmers’ Market!


Potato success!


Broccoli happiness


Keeping it lively on Daikon harvest day.


December in the hoophouse.


Gotta have the right gloves to wash greens in the winter!


Bridget and Amber packing up for a Winter Farmers’ Market!

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