Winter farm planning

As we get ready to ramp up seeding in the greenhouse, we thought we’d let you know a bit of what we have been up to these past few months. Winter is much more than a time of hibernation at Stout Oak Farm; it wasn’t just snuggling with Henry the new farm puppy….really.

As the fields were tucked under snow, we have been busy reflecting on the 2017; the crop varieties we grew, our daily work routines and systems, feedback from our customers… What worked? What yielded well? What tasks required a lot of labor? What do we want to change for next season? How can we serve our customers even better?

As we plan for next season we are armed with a season’s worth of notes, glossy new 2018 seed catalogs, white boards with brainstorms and spreadsheets…Kate has SO many spreadsheets! We also carry heaps of knowledge from farming conferences that we attended earlier in the winter. From these conferences we learned from other vegetable farmers’ their ideas on technologies, systems and crop varieties to try. Finally, we got some great insight from some of our long-term customers about how to better serve our CSA and Farm Store Credit customers.

Our plan for 2018 is coming together and it is super exciting! We want to grow even better for YOU!

Come see us on Saturday, March 10th at the Exeter Winter Farmer’s Market and ask us about what we have been up to and about all of our offerings for the 2018 season!