Why We Farm

Bios for the farm staff for 2017 are up! While writing our bios we reflected a bit about why we are choosing to farm. Here are some of our answers to the question “Why do you farm?”….


“Healthy food is a priority, feeding my family quality, organic produce is important” 

“Because it’s important for our community to have access to local, organic food.”

“It feels good to be outside, working with things that are alive.” 

“I love being keyed into the changes of seasons.”

“I love working with plants; it blows my mind what comes of a seed.”

“Getting to see the full circle, greenhouse to harvest.”

“You can see results each day.”

“I get to see science at work!”

“I love the physical work that goes into growing food.”

“I feel super fortunate to be able to do what we do everyday.”