big week for heirloom vegetables

Heirloom vegetables are getting a lot of attention around here this week. At last night’s Heirloom Harvest Barn Dinner at Meadow’s Mirth, the 11 RAFT heirloom varieties were the stars of the show. A dozen local chefs teamed up to create course after delicious course – all centered around the RAFT varieties. Stout Oak Farm’s […]

time to make salsa!

Everywhere I look, I see tomatoes! The abundance of this sunshine-filled summer is upon us! Tomatoes currently occupy every available container on the farm, and every surface in the kitchen. What are we to do with all of these glorious fruits? Today we’re boiling down a big pile of meaty heirlooms into our first-ever batch […]

July 6 field report

Current weather conditions on the farm: 100 degrees with increasing humidity. The soil is bone dry, and actually hot to the touch (too hot for bare feet). I’m inside drinking electrolytes, thinking about going back outside to set up more drip irrigation lines. I’ve been watering pretty much non-stop for the last four days, hoping […]

June 28 field report

Leafy greens are growing well, and not suffering too much pest damage. Arugula and baby salad greens are all thriving, despite some competition with the weeds. All five varieties of kale are ready for harvesting, and Swiss chard will be ready in a week or so. I’ll be harvesting the RAFT heirloom lettuce (‘Forellenschuss’ a.k.a. […]

choosing heirlooms

Heirloom and open-pollinated seeds made up the bulk of my seed orders this year – including quite a few varieties I haven’t tried before. ‘Sullivan’s Favorite Italian Frying’ Pepper, ‘Lutz Green Leaf’ Beet, ‘Uncle David’s Dakota Dessert’ Squash, ‘Cosmonaut Volkov’ Tomato . . . .I couldn’t resist trying some of these! Stout Oak Farm has […]