hooray for a rainy day!

We are so excited it’s finally raining!   The peas and greens we planted in the field are finally getting a much-needed drink.    Inside the greenhouse, seedlings are getting bigger by the day.   For the greens lovers — five kinds of kale! Lettuce seedlings almost ready for planting out in the field.

february on the farm

Winter on the farm has a slower pace than the rest of the year, but I’m finding that the days and weeks are flying by as we work our way through a giant winter checklist of all that needs to get done before spring. This month, we are building greenhouse benches, moving wood piles, cleaning […]

may 2 field report

The peas are up and growing, putting on new leaves each day. We’re growing several varieties of snow peas, sugarsnaps and shell peas this year.  Next step is definitely WEEDING! and then we’ll put up a trellis for the peas to climb on. The garlic plants have doubled in size in the past week.  New […]