june 18 field report

After plenty of rain and a little sunshine, the early summer leafy crops like lettuce, kale and salad greens are looking great. Potatoes are up and growing, and tomato plants are putting on lots of new dark green growth. Peas are climbing their trellis, and the onion beds look a lot happier now that they’ve […]

tractor’s first day out

I spent most of Saturday afternoon on the tractor, testing out our new harrow!  I got out there just in time, before the rain came.  The harrow did a great job of slicing through the soil, knocking back the grasses that were quickly taking over the field.  In just a few hours I was able […]

may 2 field report

The peas are up and growing, putting on new leaves each day. We’re growing several varieties of snow peas, sugarsnaps and shell peas this year.  Next step is definitely WEEDING! and then we’ll put up a trellis for the peas to climb on. The garlic plants have doubled in size in the past week.  New […]

april 18 field report

Exciting day here – we got a tractor!   Elsewhere on the farm . . . tomato seedlings in the cold frame are getting bigger, and the greenhouse is filling up with seed trays of kale, chard, lettuce, bok choi, scallions, onions and leeks.  nice and warm inside the cold frame Out in the field, we’ve […]

July 6 field report

Current weather conditions on the farm: 100 degrees with increasing humidity. The soil is bone dry, and actually hot to the touch (too hot for bare feet). I’m inside drinking electrolytes, thinking about going back outside to set up more drip irrigation lines. I’ve been watering pretty much non-stop for the last four days, hoping […]

June 1 field report

Rows of green things (other than grass) are starting to become more visible out in the field.  The onions are starting to look like more than just skinny blades of grass, and long rows of dark green potato shoots are finally poking through the crusty surface of the soil.  The baby greens are almost ready […]


Today’s hot weather got me thinking about summer foods I love – like cilantro, cucumbers, BLTs, panzanella, chard pie, pesto, and rhubarb spritzers. So I planted A LOT of cilantro today – and also dill, arugula, mustard greens, beets, and a few other things. I think my cucumber plants doubled in size since this morning. […]

upside down sod

Thanks to our nice neighbor and his tractor, we now have three acres plowed up! The plow didn’t turn up many rocks, which is a nice surprise. The next step will be to drag a harrow through the fields, and try to even things out a bit. Pretty soon I’ll need to start forming beds […]