soup season

It’s unfortunate. Our kitchen is often the coldest room in our house. On the really cold days, I have to bundle up if I’m going to hang out in there. But lately I’ve come up with a new strategy. If I want the kitchen to warm up, I make soup! Big pots simmering on the […]

time to make salsa!

Everywhere I look, I see tomatoes! The abundance of this sunshine-filled summer is upon us! Tomatoes currently occupy every available container on the farm, and every surface in the kitchen. What are we to do with all of these glorious fruits? Today we’re boiling down a big pile of meaty heirlooms into our first-ever batch […]

a new place

We’ve found a place to farm! (for a while, at least) We’re renting an old farm that offers some of the things we’ll need to get a new farm started – a farmhouse, barns, access to water, and some fields suitable for vegetable crops. Up until the 1970s, this was a small dairy farm, and […]