what’s for lunch? kale!

Our farm was featured in this recent story in The Wire about NH Farm to School:  Making the Connection.   In the fall, we made weekly deliveries to Exeter High School, where food service director Jeanne Pierce is doing great things with local food!  As we make our crop plans for the 2012 growing season, we’ll […]

support your local food guide!

Stout Oak Farm just became a sponsor of Seacoast Harvest, the local food guide that gets published annually by Seacoast Eat Local.  It’s a comprehensive listing of local farms and farmers’ markets – a fantastic resource that is distributed for free to consumers.  The Seacoast Eat Local team needs to raise $2,000 more to print […]

farmers unite

I just cracked open Eliot Coleman’s Winter Harvest Handbook, and got sidetracked by a quote at the very front of the book.  I think it’s worth sharing:  “What business man, except a soil worker, will ‘stop and talk’ with a stranger? Who but a farmer or fruit grower or gardener will tell of his experience […]