is it spring yet?

The greenhouse is definitely the nicest, warmest place on the farm this week.  We’ve crammed as many plants as possible into this space, which is thankfully heated at night to protect our more tender plants.  A second hoophouse is under construction, and can’t be done soon enough! We are growing more plants than ever this […]

tomato season

It’s hard to believe it’s August already. We’re getting fall crops planted, thinking ahead to what the pumpkin harvest might look like, when the onions will be ready for curing, and whether we might try overwintering some carrots this year.  pumpkins and winter squash growing and growing! But honestly, with tomato harvest underway, it’s hard […]

spring planting!

transplanting long beds of kale  Earlier this week just before the rain, we planted out dozens of trays of seedlings. With plenty of moisture in the soil now, our beds of lettuce, kale, bok choi, kohlrabi, cabbage, and tat soi are all looking great. In the next few days, we’ll prepare more beds for onions, […]

nothing to see here, mr. fox

Chicken clucks and bawks are our new soundtrack on the farm. Each morning as the sun comes up, the sounds coming from the coop make it very clear that the hens are ready to start their day.  Once they’re outside, there’s a constant low chatter, with a squawky outburst now and then. It’s quite entertaining. […]