stock your pantry – and your spice cabinet!

The kitchen smells like basil and woodsmoke, with a hint of oregano.  I just spent the afternoon processing and packaging dried herbs to sell at tomorrow’s Winter Farmers’ Market.

It’s amazing to me how the flavors of summer come rushing back when I open a bag of these herbs. All summer, we cut batches of fresh basil, sage, oregano, and thyme, and hung them to dry in the barn. With a constant breeze wafting through, they dried quickly, preserving their flavor extremely well. Now they’ve been de-stemmed and coarsely crushed, and they are ready for your soups, stews, sauces, and roasts.

We’ll be at the market tomorrow with lots of good things to add flavor to your winter feasts, including garlic, shallots, and a selection of dried herbs. Come by and stock up!  The market will be open from 10am-2pm at Exeter High School.