still planting

Yes, we’ve already had a couple of frosty mornings here at the farm, but the season is far from over! Winter squash are curing in the greenhouse, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are growing well in the field, and we’re still planting lettuce, kale, spinach, and lots of other greens for late fall, winter, and spring harvest. It’s going to be a busy  and productive fall season!

Butternut squash curing in the hoophouse

The CSA harvest season continues for three more weeks, with beets,
potatoes, onions, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, butternut squash, cabbage,
lettuce, bok choi, radishes, and other hardy roots and greens. It is a delicious time of year. 
Late plantings of lettuce, kale, beets, and broccoli in our new field up on the hill.

still plenty of time to enjoy the fall harvest! Our Farm Store will be
open for six more weeks, through the end of October. We’ll also be at
the Exeter Farmers’ Market every Thursday through Halloween. After that,
we’ll shift our focus to preparing for our late season Thanksgiving Shares and winter farmers’ markets. Follow these links to find out more about these great options for holiday and winter eating!