Meet the team: Sheryl

SherylAfter being an active CSA and FSC member for more than a decade, Sheryl Rome has officially joined the team at Stout Oak Farm.


Sheryl was born in New York and grew up in the tristate area. She studied Fashion Merchandising at F.I.T. in New York City, and began her career over thirty years ago with the Ann Taylor management training program which lead to future retail management, design, and wholesale positions. Sheryl and her family have been part of the Exeter community for the past 19 years. Her family includes her husband Mark, his two adult children, and her two adult daughters.  The newest addition to her crew is Magnolia Mae, a seven month Golden Retriever.


Sheryl enjoys running, hiking (aspiring to finish the 48 4000 footers this summer), biking, and exploring local trails with Maggie and family. She also really enjoys cooking, finding new recipes on the internet, and connecting with people about food.


Sheryl has chosen farming for many reasons. She appreciates the therapy of having a connection to the soil and immersing her senses .. smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste … in the richness of farming. Sheryl enjoys sharing with her family and others all about Stout Oak vegetables: where and how food was grown affects its taste and quality, and the importance of “locally sourced.” She’s farming to increase her bond with a community of healthy, earth conscience people who enjoy cooking.


With her extensive retail experience, Sheryl plays a key role in the Farm Store and at CSA pickups. She’s always ready to share her cooking techniques and resources. Sheryl will also be working in the field on Thursdays this year, increasing her knowledge about how all our veggies are grown, harvested, and cared for.


Greens are Sheryl’s favorite but she loves all vegetables. She is a great resource of recipes and loves to surf the internet for great new recipes.


A few of Sheryl’s favorite recipe resources:
NYT   (check with your town’s public library for a login if you don’t have a subscription)