planning to eat lots of leafy things

At this time of year, I always feel just a little bit impatient. I’m planting seeds and watching them sprout, but it just seems like it will be soooo long until we’re finally eating lots of our own fresh greens again – I can’t wait for giant green salads, and big piles of sauteed kale and chard – as much as we want, because the fridge will be packed with green leafy things, so we better eat up!

Lucky for us, we’ve been buying Garen’s greens and Heron Pond Farm’s spinach all winter long at the Winter Farmers’ Markets –  we’re actually really spoiled by all kinds of amazing local food that’s available to us all year long.  This winter has been our best local-eating winter yet – between stocking the freezer and pantry, canning a few things, and buying roots, onions, cabbage, milk, eggs, and greens from our farmer friends throughout the winter, we’ve been eating very very well!  I guess I’m just looking forward to the season of abundance here on our farm, and the feeling that there is plenty.