Photos from our 2022 Vegetable CSA Shares

These photos from our 2022 Vegetable Shares will give you a good idea of the foods we grow with human-scale methods on our 5-acre organic farm, and the vegetables you’re likely to see in 2023 Vegetable Shares.

The photos are also just lovely to look at in winter – showcasing beautiful food at the peak of its season! (Ok, you caught us, we’re proud of growing this gorgeous food!)

We create detailed crop plans to ensure shares includes over a half dozen different vegetables each week. We’re especially known for our Salad and Cooking Greens, Microgreens, Tomatoes, Carrots, Kale, Cabbages, Scallions, and Herbs – just to name a few foods that pop up often in shares. Every growing season is different – sometimes drastically! And, we’re constantly evolving what we grow, but these images will give you a sense of how much you will get in your share each week.

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Images from a summer full of the best of what’s in season

When the 16-week Vegetable Share begins in mid-June, your share will be filled with fast growing fresh greens, herbs, and sugar snap peas.



When the warm weather crops start to arrive, Vegetable Shares include plenty of cucumbers, summer squash, and zucchini as well as fresh greens, herbs, and a rotating selection of other vegetables to keep it all interesting and flavorful!




And then summer begins in full – with Tomatoes on top of everything else! We love growing great tasting tomatoes.








In September cool weather greens start making a comeback, with the beginning of fall roots and cabbages. Sweet and hot peppers are also ready to harvest near the end of the 16-week Vegetable Share season.





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