the ongoing hoophouse adventure

Hoophouse construction is coming along (creeping along, but that’s okay). Hoops and purlins are up. Baseboards are on. Next step is framing the end walls, which will be a good test of my (very) basic carpentry skills. Someday soon we might actually get to put the plastic on, and move my seedlings in there!

Meanwhile, the cold frames are crammed full of little plants – onions, leeks, scallions, parsley, kale – all doing nicely, but I’m running out of space. The cherry tomatoes are definitely ready for potting up to bigger pots now, so they’ll soon be taking up lots more room. I better get to work and finally get this hoophouse done.

The oldest onions got bumped from the cold frames. They’re quite happy outside today, toughening up a little.