off to a good start

We are celebrating the new year with a big green salad! For the first time ever, we are eating our own homegrown greens in January. I’m taking this as a hopeful sign for the year to come!

Along with our celebratory salad, we’re having one of our favorite meals – Riverslea Farm lamb burgers with roasted potatoes, carrots and beets. 

Thinking ahead to 2011, I’m allowing myself to assemble a mental list of my hopes for the year – all kinds of hopes – both big and small. Just for today, the list can be as long as I want, and nothing is too grand, too impractical or too idealistic. What fun!

One thought on “off to a good start

  1. Happy New Year and I hope many of your wishes come true. Your salad greens are so appealing! With love from Oregon ~Auntie Lisa

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