looking back, looking ahead

Winter is the time for taking stock, and making plans. This year, we decided to write an Annual Report to share with all of our farm members and supporters. We want to let you in on our winter analyzing and planning, and provide you with a deeper understanding of the workings of the farm.

Dear Shareholders and Friends of Stout Oak Farm,

Greetings from the farm!  It’s finally feeling like winter here. Seed catalogs and farming books have taken over the kitchen table, and we are knee-deep in spreadsheets and field maps. With the start of a new growing season just weeks away, we welcome the opportunity to pause and take stock. 

Our plans are already taking shape for the season ahead, but before we dive into 2016, we’d like to provide you with a farm update. This Annual Report is written for anyone who is interested in knowing more about the workings of the farm. It includes information about the activities at Stout Oak Farm last year, and an outline of our plans for 2016. As a community supported farm, we feel it is important to share this information with all of you, our friends, neighbors, and customers who support and value the farm. Since this is the first time we’ve shared this type of report, we also included an overview of the farm’s development since we moved to Brentwood in 2012.

The upcoming 2016 season will be our 5th year on the land in Brentwood. In some ways we still feel like we are just getting the farm started, but in other ways we feel settled. We are making our home here, and investing in the farm for the long haul. As we begin each new growing season, we are grateful for our community who have welcomed us, and wholeheartedly supported our efforts to create a thriving farm business. 

> Read the full report here.