is it spring yet?

The greenhouse is definitely the nicest, warmest place on the farm this week.  We’ve crammed as many plants as possible into this space, which is thankfully heated at night to protect our more tender plants.  A second hoophouse is under construction, and can’t be done soon enough! We are growing more plants than ever this year for our annual Spring Seedling Sale, May 23 – May 25.

Onions, lettuce, kale, and spinach plants have been kicked out of the greenhouse to make room for more tomatoes. They’re hardening off here for a few days, before they get transplanted out in the field. 

The fields have been very slow to dry out, and now more rain is coming!  Luckily, we have one high and dry field at the very top of the hill.  Since the temps are still fairly cool (cold!) everything is tucked in under row covers  – salad mix, tat soi, and baby kale are growing under there.

The chickens are finding their way around their newly renovated mobile coop, which will roll out on pasture this weekend, making space in the “barnyard” coop for soon-to-arrive baby chicks!