Growing season 2019! Organic seeds are our start

Well it’s a new year and time to start gearing up for another growing season! We are reviewing what crops we grew last year and deciding what we’d like to grow for the next. At our side are the 2019 seed catalogs of all our favorite organic seed growers and sellers, High Mowing, Johnny’s, Fedco, among others. These catalogs are full of perfect pictures of our favorite crop varieties and ones that we are excited to trial.

When flipping through these catalogs we are especially looking for seed varieties that are certified organic. The use of organic seed, when available, is a requirement of organic certification and with good reason.  Organic seeds, like organically grown vegetables, are grown from plants grown without the assistance of pest and weed controlling chemicals. Without chemical crutches, these organically grown plants figure out how to fight off pests and weeds on their own, and pass on their strong and hardy traits onto their offspring seeds. And those hardy offspring organic seeds grow us super nutritious and healthy organic vegetables and vegetable seedlings.

Because organic seed is more challenging to produce, just a fraction of vegetable seeds are certified organic and they tend to be pricier. But the results pay off and we are more than excited to be supporting our organic seed growers and suppliers and to be growing healthy produce and seedlings for our customers. So we will keep flipping through the catalogs and finalizing our seed ordering for growing season 2019!

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You can find our Spring Seedling Pre-Order form here.