february on the farm

Winter on the farm has a slower pace than the rest of the year, but I’m
finding that the days and weeks are flying by as we work our way through
a giant winter checklist of all that needs to get done before spring.
This month, we are building greenhouse benches, moving wood piles,
cleaning out the barn, sharpening tools, restoring old cold frames,
clearing brush, ordering seeds, taking inventory, applying for organic
certification, making field maps, designing the farm store, going to the
scrap yard, scouring Craigslist for things we need, meeting with chefs,
researching strawberry varieties, taking orders for seedlings, reading up, ordering supplies, going to
workshops, and getting a heating system set up in the greenhouse. This
week I really need to focus on getting the greenhouse ready for our
first round of sowings (onions and leeks), scheduled for late February.