Farm Store FAQs

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When is the Farm Store open? We have not made final decisions about specific hours for the farm store for the 2021 season yet. We will continue to offer online ordering. We will be open Tuesday through Sunday, 9:00am – 6:00pm.  Closed on Mondays.  We open for the season in mid-May, and close at the end of October. We typically re-open for at least one “stock your pantry” weekend in mid-November.


How does the “honor system” work?  When you shop at the store, you may or may not see one of the farm crew while you’re there. Please make yourself at home! When you’re finished shopping, you’ll need to write down the details of your purchase at the Farm Store counter. You may need to weigh some products to calculate your total. Write down your name and payment method. Farm Store Credit members record all of their purchases in the FSC Binder, where there is a page for each member, with all of their account information.


What is the delivery schedule for milk and bread? Brookford Farm delivers milk, yogurt, and cheeses to the store every Friday.  Juniper Cottage Bake Shop delivers fresh bread on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.