CSA Update: What’s New in 2018?

It’s CSA signup season. Have you signed up for your share yet? We have a bunch of new things going on this year to make your CSA experience even better!


  • Partnership with Clyde Farm! Livestock and flower farmers Jimi and Kristen of Clyde Farm will be raising organic poultry, lamb, and flowers for sale through Stout Oak Farm’s CSA and Farm Store.  All of the animals will be raised here on our organic pastures.  So, you can now choose to add an Organic Egg Share, Flower Share, or Chicken Credit onto your CSA or FSC membership if you wish!  Chicken and Egg Shares are also available as stand-alone shares.


  • CSA Installment Payment Options!  When you sign up for your CSA share online, you can choose to pay in one, two, or three monthly installments. Plus, if you pay by check, you get a 3% discount.


  • New private Facebook Group for all Stout Oak Members. Coming soon! Share your recipes, food storage tips, and meal planning ideas with the rest of the farm community and learn to be a CSA pro from your fellow members. The Stout Oak farmers will be posting our own kitchen tips, original recipes, and favorite ways to eat/process/store all the vegetables as the season goes along. Stay tuned for more info once you sign up!


  • “Think Inside the Box” Meal Plans.  This year’s weekly email newsletter will include a MEAL PLANNING guide for each week’s share. Our goal is to help you plan for your week, so you can build your menus and other food shopping around your Vegetable CSA Share or Farm Store purchases.



  • Greens Boxes with New Ingredients: We continue to offer our Weekly Greens Box program — as a stand-alone share — or as an Add-On to your Weekly Vegetable Share. As you know, we love to grow greens of all kinds, so this year we will be trialing some new varieties for our Greens Boxes including some Italian heirloom chicories (radicchios and escaroles), sunflower shoots, new types of baby kale, and Asian greens. See full descriptions of shares HERE.