CSA harvest begins next week!

If you signed up for a Weekly Vegetable Share, mark your calendar for your first pickup day! 

      Tuesday CSA Pickup starts June 16th, 2 – 6pm
      Friday CSA Pickup starts June 19th, 2 – 6pm

CSA members pick up their shares on the same day each week. If you’re not sure which day you signed up for, please email Kate at stoutoakfarm@gmail.com and we’ll let you know. 

we begin our CSA harvest the first or second week of June, but this
year our crops need a little more time to catch up with where they
should be. Thanks to our fantastic farm crew, our spring crops have been
seeded and transplanted on schedule, but the growth of virtually all of
our plantings have been delayed by this spring’s extremely dry soil

Last week’s rain was tremendously helpful to all of our field crops. 
Our lettuce and kale (and everything else) are growing quickly now.  Next week, there will be plenty of greens ready for CSA harvest, and for sale at the Farm Store too!