CSA FAQs + Policies

How do I pickup my share?

When the season starts, you’ll get an email letting you know, and another weekly email reminding you to come to the farm to pick up your share. Come to Stout Oak Farm at 83 Middle Road in Brentwood NH each week.

For Vegetable Shares and Greens Boxes, we have two CSA Pickups each week. When you sign up for those types of shares, you will select Tuesday or Saturday as your pickup day. This will be your day for the whole season. Please note the time for pickup, too! For Tuesday it is 2-6pm and Saturday 9am-12pm.

For Foodie Adventure Box Members and Vegetable Mini Shares, pick up is Thursdays 2-6pm. (For Farm Store Credit Members, it’s a little different – you can shop anytime the Farm Store is open!)

Spring and Fall Share pick ups happen on Tuesdays, 2-6pm.

Please bring a tote bag or two with you. When you arrive, park in our lot and come into the Farm Store.

First stop, check off your name on our clipboard saying you’ve picked up your share.

Next, get your vegetables. We’ll have a table set up with several shares on them. You’ll open the tote and transfer all the vegetables into your own bags.

Members of our Farm Crew are on hand to answer your questions, give tips and advice, and ring up any additional purchases you’d like to make in our Farm Store.

Show me a Calendar of Share Options, please

What COVID safety protocols is the farm following?

We are committed to prioritizing your health and safety as well as ours as essential farmworkers. We will continue to follow federal and state recommendations for operating safely. We screen ourselves for symptoms daily before coming to the farm, and clean and sanitize surfaces. We wear masks and gloves when we are packing your food.

How will CSA pickup work this year?

  • When you pick up your share it will be pre-boxed for you. Please bring your own reusable bags with you, and plan to spend a few minutes transferring your vegetables from the CSA box into your own bag.
  • If you want to shop for other foods to add to your CSA share, you will be able to order ahead online through our Online Store (open for ordering starting each Sunday at 6am) and we will have your order packed and ready for you to pick up when you pick up your share!  You can also shop in person whenever you come to the farm.

What is the CSA pickup schedule?  Members pick up their shares on the same day each week. When you sign up for a share, you choose either Tuesdays (2 to 6pm) or Saturdays (9am to 12) for Vegetable Shares and Greens Boxes. Vegetable Mini Share and Foodie Adventure Box pickups are Thursdays 2 to 6pm. 

What’s in a weekly share?  A typical Weekly Vegetable Share contains 8 to 10 different items each week, depending what’s ready for harvest. Weekly Greens Boxes contain 4 to 5 items per week.  At the beginning of the harvest season, shares will be on the smaller side. Quantities and diversity of crops will increase as the season progresses. Read more about our CSA options for examples and photos of weekly shares here.

Can I pick up my share early, or change to a different pick-up day?  We cannot accommodate requests to change pick-up days, or to pick up shares early. We are already keeping track of many important details in order to get your shares ready for you, and we want to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

What if I’m going to be out of town?   If you are not going to be able to pick up your share, it is best to have a friend or relative pick up for you.  If you are planning to be out of town frequently, we recommend looking into our Farm Store Credit program as an alternative to a weekly share.  Farm Store Credit is designed for flexibility and convenience and does not require you to come to the farm every week on a specific day.

What happens if I miss my pick-up?  If you are not going to be able to make it to pick up your share, it is best to have a friend or relative pick up for you. With all that’s happening on the farm, we are not able to keep track of forgotten shares. Unclaimed shares will be forfeited.  If you know are running a little late for your pickup, feel free to email us to let us know (email farmstore@stoutoakfam.com).

Can I share a share with my friends?  Splitting a share among two households is okay with us, BUT we ask that shareholders take the entire weekly share in one visit to the farm. Please do not come to pick up your share and take a “partial” or “half” share. Keep in mind that our shares are designed for one household, and the contents can’t always be divided equally.  If you decide to share a share, we suggest that you either come to pick up your share together, alternate pick-up weeks, or split the share at home.

FAQs: Farm Store Credit

When is the Farm Store open?   Our Farm Store is open from May through October, with limited hours in November and December.  We also offer ordering through our Online Store.

What can I buy with my Farm Store Credit?  You can use your credit to purchase anything we have for sale at the Farm Store including our own organic vegetables and seedlings, local organic eggs, dairy products, meats, bread, grains, dry goods, fermented foods, pastas, and a growing selection of high quality local organic foods. Please note that Farm Store Credit is not intended to be used for purchasing other types of shares. 

How do I keep track of my Farm Store balance?   Once you become an FSC member, we will help you create an online account through Local Food Marketplace (the software we use to manage our CSA and Online Store).  If you already have an  Online Store account, you can log in here to check your balance and add funds.


General Questions

What is your cancellation policy?  In the CSA model, members are seen as active farm partners, sharing the risks and rewards of the harvest. Members may cancel their subscription at any time, for any reason, however should you choose to cancel your subscription, we cannot offer a refund for shares.

Do you offer refunds?  Due to the nature of a CSA and the commitment you made to participating, there are no refunds. Unused 2022 Farm Store Credit may be rolled over to 2023 with the purchase of a 2023 CSA share or Farm Store Credit membership. Farm Store Credit may not be applied toward the purchase of any other types of shares.


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