Around the farm this week

  Now that things are growing in the greenhouse, it feels like the farm is ramping up fast. While the seedlings grow, we’re also trying to squeeze in a few more team meetings to make sure our new team members get trained up and check in with each other as we work on projects. One […]

Meet the team: Amber

Meet Amber Walker Wilson! When not at Stout Oak farming, Amber’s family of six tend a large scale home garden and raise a flock of 30 laying hens, for their personal use & supplying a small weekly egg/veg delivery service to the Exeter area. “Since I began farming in 2016, as a way to work/live, […]

Meet the Team: Kate

Kate has been farming for 20 years, and was first was drawn to farming as a career while working on urban agriculture projects in New York City after college. She trained at the Farm and Garden apprenticeship program at the University of California at Santa Cruz and then worked on farms in California and Massachusetts […]

Terrateck Test Drive

Mekala and Sara Zoë finished putting together the Terrateck Finger Weeder and took it for a test drive in the Little House, where we don’t have anything growing in the ground right now. Right away we like some things – the forward movement is very smooth and doesn’t take a lot of effort. The rubber […]

field report

It’s been a slow start this spring, due to the cool, damp, dark weather pattern – but things have started to shift, and our crops are really growing now!  Here’s a quick photo update from the field (and greenhouses)!                    

Getting Herbaceous for Years to Come

The Stout Oak Farm crew got down to business last fall, cultivating sleeping soil, dividing up some gorgeous flower and herb crowns, and taking steps to begin the transformation of bare ground near our “Big House” hoophouse to establish our new perennial herb garden! We’re looking forward to our 2019 “To-Do” list with the addition […]