A Year on the Farm: Favorite Images from 2018

Join us as we look back at the year in pictures!
As we begin another growing season on the farm, we pause to reflect on all that transpired in 2018 — from significant moments to daily routines.


Henry the puppy clearly loves farm life!


Big and little.


Amber sowing trays of onions in the greenhouse.

Full house.


Henry is very attentive.



We filled up three hoophouses with spring seedlings!


Assembling seedling pre-orders right before the Spring Plant Sale.


Cricket wanting to know where we’re going.


Butterhead lettuce reaching its full potential.


The onion field, before it got weedy.


Getting the caterpillar tunnel ready for planting sweet peppers.


Kate with Pan di Zucchero (Sugarloaf) chicory – one of our new favorite things to grow.


Making beds for planting cabbage across the street in Dudley Field.


Liz slinging greens with a smile at the Exeter Farmers’ Market!


Early batch of cherry tomatoes.


Bridget in a sea of squash and tomatoes.


Jeff with Scout, one of Cricket’s five kittens.


Sungold tomato jungle in the Big House.


Tomato Tasting 2019!


Farm crew at the Tomato Tasting


This never gets old.


‘Bel Fiore’ Radicchio – another chicory we trialed and fell in love with.


Clyde Farm sheep enjoying a sunny afternoon.


Jordan seems happy to be hauling summer squash out of the field.


Potatoes in flower.


Setting the stage for the Harvest Moon Farm Supper – a collaboration of Clyde Farm, Stout Oak Farm, and Blue Moon Evolution


Blue Moon’s chefs prepare an amazing local feast at the Harvest Moon Farm Supper


Fall harvest morning with Liz and Amber. Baby kale gets a double rinse.


Bridget harvesting some late season lettuce for local chefs.


Amber and Christa on an epic (and rainy) potato harvest day.

Liz with KALE for Fall Harvest Weekeend!


Thanksgiving Share 2019


A successful November greens experiment.


Ladybugs helping control the aphid pests in our winter spinach.


Katniss the kitten.


Hello winter!

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