A CSA Share is a Gift to Your Future Self


Gift Yourself a Summer Full of Fresh Healthy Vegetables

Many of us know we should eat more vegetables … we want to eat more vegetables … we even resolve to do it each year! A CSA Share turns that ambition into a concrete action plan.

When you sign yourself up for a CSA Share, you’ve accomplished a big step in that plan – you’ve answered the when, where, and how you will get more vegetables into your kitchen. For Weekly Vegetable Shares, that’s 16 weeks to live out healthy eating habits with lots of fresh, delicious produce.

We know we feel our best – most energetic, strongest, healthiest – when we’re eating a wide variety of vitamin packed vegetables and we’re betting you will, too.

What’s for Dinner?

Each week you’ll receive ideas on how to cook and eat with your share. Your farmers are busy people, too, and we share how we eat lots of vegetables week in and week out without spending extra time in the kitchen. We’ll never leave you guessing what a veggie is and what to do with it!

We’re known for growing really delicious foods and we’re pretty enthusiastic about eating all the food we grow.

Try Something New

Your CSA Share will take you through the growing seasons. We grow both veggies that you know and love and new ones, too. We’re always trying new varieties and crops, always on the hunt for the best tasting vegetable we can grow.

A Gift for Your Distant Future Self

Supporting Stout Oak Farm is a vote for a sustainable future – we’re Solar-Powered, Certified Organic, Certified Real Organic, and are always looking to minimize the use of plastics (that’s why we mulch with straw instead of plastic, for example). We are committed to taking care of the land, water, and people. And we’re building resilience for farming in a changing climate. It means a lot to us to be able to feed our community!

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