2019 Spring Plant Sale News: 11 new varieties to order this year!

Are you dreaming of planting a big beautiful vegetable garden this year? Let us help you get off to a great start! We are excited to offer eleven new varieties on our 2019 Organic Vegetable Seedling preorder form. We’ve chosen to include some unique varieties to complement our other tried and true offerings from years past. We are always searching for new options that will reliably deliver exceptional flavor, productivity, and the potential to thrive here in our gardens in the northeast. Below you will find a brief description and photo of each new addition to this year’s list. Don’t miss out! Reserve your selections by preordering your seedlings by April 1st, and they will be available for pick up at the farm in late May during our Spring Plant Sale. All seedlings are grown here at Stout Oak Farm in Brentwood, NH and are Certified Organic.

Spring Seedling 2019 Order Form

BLUE BEAUTY TOMATO – Stout Oak Farm 2018 Tomato Tasting Winner

Our friends at Clyde Farm shared this unique variety with us at our annual tomato tasting event last summer and earned first prize in the slicer category!

  • Beautiful blue-black shouldering to blush pink when ripe
  • Prolific producer
  • Sunburn and crack resistant
  • 8 oz average
  • Open pollinated
  • Indeterminate
  • Days to maturity: 80



  • Uniquely striped golden fruit with orange, red and green markings
  • Developed by Jeff Dawson and named in honor of Copia, the American Center for Food, Wine and Arts in Napa, CA.
  • Great flavor
  • 12-16 oz large fruit
  • Open pollinated
  • Indeterminate
  • Days to maturity: 85



  • Bright red skin with vibrant orange stripes
  • Very productive
  • Small 2.5″ round fruit
  • Slightly tart flavor
  • Discovered in a California field, a natural cross of Green Zebra and another unknown variety
  • Open pollinated
  • Indeterminate
  • Days to maturity: 80



If you are looking for a good slicer to grow on your patio this summer, this one is for you!

  • Beautiful burgundy/red ribbed fruit
  • Complex savory flavor
  • Great choice for containers or small garden spaces due to its compact growth habit and dwarf structure
  • Disease resistant
  • Open pollinated
  • Determinate
  • Days to maturity: 75



  • Delectable golden version of the more commonly grown old fashioned Pink Brandywine
  • Heirloom
  • Large 16 oz. fruit
  • Low acid
  • Potato leaf foliage
  • Indeterminate
  • Days to maturity: 82



  • High yielding cocktail size red to orange fruits
  • sets fruit early and keeps producing all season long
  • Reliable in cooler climates
  • Good container variety
  • 2-3 oz. fruit
  • Potato leaf foliage
  • Open pollinated
  • Semi determinate
  • Days to maturity: 55



  • Beautiful deep pink, slightly oblong cherry tomato
  • Sibling variety to our favorite orange Sungold tomato
  • Sweet mellow flavor
  • Highly productive vigorous plants
  • Stout Oak Farm Crew favorite!!!
  • Indeterminate
  • Days to maturity: 60



  • Asian type
  • Long, slender glossy purple fruit with tender skin
  • 1-2″ wide, 12-14″ long
  • Prolific producer
  • Compact plants are a great choice for containers or small garden spaces



  • Small mild Japanese pepper for roasting, pan frying or grilling
  • Commonly harvested green but may mature to red or orange
  • 2-4″ mild fruits
  • 1 in 10 may have a touch of heat!!!



  • Slender tender yellow fruits with light green blossom ends
  • Ideally harvested at 4-6″ for best flavor and firm texture
  • Vigorous high yielding plants
  • Excellent grilled
  • Edible flowers with mild squash flavor best enjoyed stuffed and fried or added to soups, salads or pasta dishes.
  • Hybrid



  • Flavorful striped Italian Heirloom variety
  • Productive
  • Harvest at 6-8″ for best quality
  • Bush habit
  • Open pollinated

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