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Weekly Vegetable Share

csa shareStout Oak Farm offers Certified Organic Weekly Vegetable CSA shares for pick up at our Farm Store.  The CSA runs for 18 weeks, starting the second full week of June. Pick up days are Tuesdays from 2:00 – 6:00pm OR Saturdays from 9:00am – 12:00. Members pick up on the same day each week.

Each week, our popular pre-boxed CSA shares contain 8 to 10 different crops, reflecting what’s in season on the farm. Our CSA is known for its top quality, very clean, organic vegetables!  We grow over 40 different crops, including many heirloom varieties. The shares are designed for one household, and typically feed 2 – 4 people.  The cost is $550 for the 18-week season. See examples and photos of past CSA shares on our Farm Blog.

What you get:

  • Weekly share boxed just for you:  A weekly supply of fresh, high quality, organic, in-season vegetables grown here at our farm! 8 to 10 items per week ($33+ average value per week)
  • CSA Swap Box: Swap any item in your share with any vegetable in the CSA Swap Box.
  • Weekly email with recipes, food storage tips, and menu planning ideas.
  • Face-to-face time with your farmers when you pick up your share each week.
  • Invitations to farm events including Spring Open House, Spring Plant Sale, Tomato Tasting, Fall Harvest Weekend, farm tours, and workshops.
  • Farm Store: Our store will be open during CSA pick-up times so you can supplement your share if you wish. Shop for additional organic vegetables, herbs, and seedlings, organic eggs and chicken from Clyde Farm, and pasture-raised meats, dairy products, and fruit from other local farms.
  • Option to add on an Organic Egg Share, Chicken Credit, or Flower Share from Clyde Farm
  • Option to add a Heritage Pork Share (Short Creek Farm) or Bread Club Membership (Juniper Cottage Bake Shop)!

Weekly Greens Box

Sign up for a weekly supply of fresh organic greens! Greens Boxes include a selection of salad greens, micro greens, and cooking greens ($20+ value per week). You can sign up for a Greens Box on its own, or add it onto your Weekly Vegetable Share. The cost is $324 for the 18-week season.

Pick up at the farm on Tuesdays, 2:00 – 6:00pm OR Saturdays between 9:00 and 12:00 (pick up same day each week).

At Stout Oak Farm, we are passionate about growing top quality leafy greens of all kinds. 2018 varieties include lettuce mixes, arugula, spinach, baby kale, many types of lettuce, cress, broccolini, bok choi, tat soi, radicchio, kale, Swiss chard, Napa cabbage, micro greens mixes, and other fresh tasty greens!

Farm Store Credit

If you’re interested in joining the CSA, but are looking for something more flexible than a weekly boxed share, this program is for you! Make a commitment to the farm in advance of the growing season, and get a 10% discount on all products sold at our Farm Store – our own Certified Organic vegetables, herbs, and seedlings, as well as products raised by our friends at other local farms.

What you get:

  • Access to Stout Oak Farm’s fresh organic vegetables – 6 days a week at our Farm Store from June to October, and at year-round farmers’ markets*
  • You choose your membership level – $500, $250 or $100
  • 10% extra credit added to your account 
  • Freedom to choose how much you spend, how often you shop, and what you purchase.
  • Weekly emails during the main harvest season with recipes, food storage tips, and menu planning ideas
  • Invitations to farm events including Spring Open House, Spring Plant Sale, Tomato Tasting, Fall Harvest Weekend, farm tours, and workshops.
  • Option to add on an Organic Egg Share or Chicken Credit from Clyde Farm  (Pick up on either Tuesday afternoons or Saturday mornings, same day each week)

* You can use your credit to purchase anything we have for sale at the Farm Store including our own organic vegetables and seedlings, local organic fruit, eggs, dairy products, meats, bread, grains, dry goods, fermented foods, pastas, and a constantly expanding selection of high quality locally grown organic foods.  You can also use your credit at our booth at the Exeter Farmers’ Market, or at the Winter Farmers’ Markets at Exeter High School.

Eggs, Chicken, and Flowers from Clyde Farm!

New for 2018!  Egg Shares, Chicken Credit, and Flower Shares  are now available through our new partnership with Clyde Farm!  Their chickens are certified organic, and raised on the pastures at Stout Oak Farm. Flowers are grown with organic practices.

2018 Clyde Farm CSA Options:
– 18-week Organic Egg Share
– $210 Organic Chicken Credit
– 10-week Flower Bouquet Share 

Heritage Pork from Short Creek Farm

New for 2018!  Short Creek Farm is offering a heritage pasture-raised pork share as an “add-on” to your Weekly Vegetable Share!  $295 for 18 weeks. Click here to get all the details about this delicious new option: 2018ShortCreekPorkShare

Juniper Cottage Bake Shop “Bread Club”

New for 2018!  Bread Club offers its members a pre-paid weekly loaf of bread (or two!) delivered right to the Stout Oak Farm Store. Juniper Cottage Bake Shop will deliver delicious loaves baked in our wood fired oven on CSA pickup days each week (Tuesday and Saturday). Each loaf is bagged and marked with your name to allow for easy pick up when you pick up your Weekly Vegetable Share.

These artisan loaves are naturally leavened, hand shaped and baked in a wood fired masonry oven. Whether you prefer rustic round loaves or pan risen bread, this bread is full of flavor and texture. The Bread Club is “Baker’s Choice,” so the types of loaves will vary from week to week. $26 for 4 weeks; $117 for the whole 18-week season. Click here for more info:  2018BreadClub

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– Choose a Pickup Day
– Choose your Shares
– Pick a Payment Plan (1, 2 or 3 installments)
– Choose to pay by credit card or check. If you pay by check you’ll get a 3% discount!